Editing Guidelines & Privacy Policy

iDiv skills is an iDiv-internal tool that is available to all iDiv employees and members. The aim of the tool is to promote scientific collaboration and integration at iDiv by making it easier for researchers who need assistance with specific research areas or methods, or who are looking for collaborators, to find and contact colleagues with the corresponding expertise. To foster exchange at iDiv that goes beyond common research areas, employees also have the opportunity to enter their personal interests and other skills. In addition, information on previous experience with the media as well as the willingness to give public interviews is being requested. This will allow the Media & Communications department to take a more targeted approach to contacting employees.

Providing information is voluntary and changes or deletions may be made at any time. Personal data will not be shared with third parties. However, select user skills may be used in anonymous and aggregated form, both internally, for iDiv documentation, and externally, for funding applications, research reports, and public relations work. See Consent Form. Further information on data protection can be found in the Leipzig University Privacy Policy. The German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig is a central facility of Leipzig University. The Leipzig University Privacy Policy applies to the iDiv website, including skills.idiv.de.

The contents of the website have been compiled, to the best of their knowledge and abilities, by the Scientific Coordination team and individual iDiv colleagues who contributed expertise in the relevant areas. We make no claim as to completeness or universal applicability and wish to point out that errors and incorrectly placed or outdated content may and should be reported at any time. Skills that have been omitted also may and should be added. iDiv skills is an interactive project: its usefulness depends wholly on the participation of users. All error messages and skill suggestions will be reviewed by the editorial team. Skill suggestions will be accepted, rejected, or assigned to an already existing skill. In cases where we do not accept suggestions for changes, deletions, or additions, we will inform the person who submitted the suggestion. It will not always be possible to provide a detailed explanation, and we ask for your understanding. We also reserve the general right to edit or delete contents at any time, without justification. For more information, see our FAQ.

When a person leaves iDiv, his/her iDiv skills account will be deleted. For statistical purposes, anonymized skills will continue to be stored, but there will be no link to the (deleted) profile.

We look forward to receiving your feedback at skills-support@idiv.de! Error messages or questions about specific pages are best sent via the feedback function (speech bubble) on the specific page, since the link to the page will then automatically be inserted.

We hope you will enjoy using iDiv skills and wish you much success!

Rebecca Thier-Lange, Scientific Coordinator, September 2018

Consent Form

(This English translation is provided as a courtesy. Only the original German text (see below) has legal validity.)

I hereby agree that for the duration of my use of iDiv skills (i.e., until my iDiv skills account is terminated either independently or automatically at the end of my contract), the following personal data and voluntary additional information will be stored:

Personal Information:
- Full Name
- Email Address

Additional Voluntary Information:

- Place of Work (“Location”)
- Telephone Number
- Twitter
- Skype
- Profile
- Assignment of Person to Skills

All of the above data will be deleted no later than six months following the termination of my account. My personal data will not be shared with third parties.

The skills I select will be stored and used for purely statistical purposes in anonymous and aggregated form, i.e., without direct connection to my name, e-mail address, or other profile and contact information that I may have additionally entered. The statistical use of anonymized skills will exclusively be for scientific research or research-promoting purposes (see GDRP, Art. 89, Rec. 162).

In the event that this agreement is revoked, my iDiv skills account will be automatically deleted, as the use of iDiv skills requires the data-processing procedures discussed above.

I have read and am in agreement with the above statement of consent. Please send a confirmation link to the e-mail address entered above.


Hiermit erkläre ich mich einverstanden, dass für die Dauer meiner Nutzung von iDiv skills (d.h. bis zur selbständigen oder per Vertragsende automatisch erfolgten Auflösung meines iDiv skills Accounts) folgende personenbezogenen Daten und freiwillige zusätzliche Informationen gespeichert werden:

Persönliche Daten:
- Vollständiger Name
- E-Mail-Adresse

Freiwillige Zusatzinformationen:
- Arbeitsort („Location“)
- Telefonnummer
- Twitter
- Skype
- Profilbild
- Zuordnung Person zu Skills

Alle oben genannten Daten werden spätestens sechs Monate nach der Auflösung meines Accounts gelöscht. Es erfolgt keine Weitergabe meiner persönlichen Daten an Dritte.

Die von mir ausgewählten Skills werden nutzungsdauerunabhängig in anonymisierter und aggregierter Form, d.h. ohne direkte Verbindung zu meinem Namen, E-Mailadresse oder anderer von mir zusätzlich eingetragener Profil- und Kontaktinformationen, für rein statistische Zwecke gespeichert und genutzt. Die statistische Nutzung der anonymisierten Skills dient ausschließlich wissenschaftlichen bzw. wissenschaftsfördernden Zwecken. (vgl. DSGVO, Art 89, Erwägungsgrund 162).

Im Falle eines Widerrufs dieser Einverständniserklärung wird mein iDiv Skills Account automatisch gelöscht, da eine Nutzung von iDiv Skills nur auf Grundlage der oben genannten Datenverarbeitung möglich ist.

Ich habe die obenstehende Erklärung gelesen und erkläre mich mit ihrem Inhalt einverstanden. Bitte senden Sie mir eine E-Mail mit einem Bestätigungslink an die oben eingetragene E-Mail-Adresse.